Adventure Percussion
Percussion Education for the 21st Century

" WOW! What an improvement over those student bell kits. My students have never sounded better. Now they look forward to playing mallets.

Scott Weber
I.C.S. School

" My students used to hate playing mallets. Now I can't keep them off the instruments!"

Cheryl Mallinson
St. Augustine School
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The Adventure Percussion
The instrument you can add bars to!
"You've never seen anything like this! A student practice instrument for the 21st century.
Available in 2, 3, 4.5  & 5 octave sizes. Like all of our instruments the practice marimba incorporates the patented Adventure Percussion modular frame system, making all instruments upgradable to larger sizes. 

  The 2 octave Starter BARIMBA is the perfect alternative to the student bell kit. As part   of the patented BARIMBA modular multi-instrument frame it is fully upgradeable to a     full 5 octaves! Click on the link for more information.

BARIMBA upgraded to full size!

New for students...
the 2 octave 
BARIMBA Starter!
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